Your journey starts here and what better time to prepare for the coming months. Let me help guide you to all of the information that you need to rid yourself of any anxieties. Prepared = Confident and Ready!

This plan is perfect for those who are looking for empowerment. Those wanting to explore what options are available to them and who want to create a support plan that they can share with their birthing team.
This plan includes 2 antenatal meetings (2 hours each) and a tailored birth support plan.

  • 1 – to get to know each other so that you can decide what it is that you are looking for in your journey.
    Once we have had this meeting I will go away and create your tailored birth support plan
  • 2 – to discuss your plan to make sure that it is correct and still resonates.
    Sometimes when we see something written down it feels different. We can make what ever changes you need.


If you are looking for everything that creating your birth support plan and exploring your options has to offer plus some additional support regarding birth physiology and beyond then this is the plan for you.
This plan includes everything from creating your birth support plan and exploring your options +

  • 2 additional prenatal meetings to talk through the physiology of birth and the different stages of labour, along with info on different birthing positions and some relaxation & mindfulness techniques. We will also cover feeding choices
  • Access to my book lending library
  • Birth ball hire
  • Email and text support up until labour


This is a 2 hour meeting to discuss feeding options and how you can prepare yourself and your family for breastfeeding.
This will include

  • Talking through how you wish to feed
  • Latching techniques
  • Feeding positions
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Information sheets
  • Useful links


If there is anything on here that you wish to discuss that I haven’t mentioned then please get in touch so I can help.

Standalone hours can be purchased at £45ph