Welcome, welcome, welcome

Here you can find out more about my Treflach Farm Mother Cirlces.

First, let me introduce myself a little. I’m Nici the owner of Nurturing New Beginnings and mum to my beautiful daughter Lumi and wife to my rock Simon.

Motherhood can be hard and at times it is so easy to feel a little lost, lonely and isolated. This is why I am devoted to creating a warm and inclusive space for mamas in our local community.

Through our Mother Circle gatherings, I am committed to bringing you an environment where you can find the support and friendships that you deserve. Here is a space where you can truly be yourself with no judgement from others. Bring your joys, your fears, frustration and tears.

Whether you’re a first-time mother or have experienced the joys and challenges of motherhood before, I would love to invite you to our circle.

Why Treflach Farm?

I visited Treflach farm with a friend who was looking at using the studio space for her business and I fell in love.
I hadn’t yet found a location for my circles and I just knew immediately that they would be held here.
In the winter we have warm and cozy indoor space that we use and as soon as the summer hits we can hold our circles down by the fire pits!

Everything about the farm and the space resonated with me.
It is a small family run farm with huge values – they are working on sustainable farming based on permaculture principals. All of the animals are free range and the owners have a huge love for the environment.
They are very community driven and you will find lots of events here that you can get involved in.

Come and join our circle and find your tribe and your village!

If it is your first time then there is no charge, please just drop me a message here to let me know that you are coming along.
If you have been before then please book below 🙂

Can’t wait to greet you in circle.

Love & Light
Nici xx