An Invaluable Asset

When preparing for the birth of your child, having the right support during the process is crucial. A doula, is a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support. The support often starts before birth and continues through to the postnatal period. However, choosing the right doula for your birth experience is a very important decision. Here I thought I would share a few things worth considering when selecting your doula.

Do Some Research

When searching for your doula online make sure to have a good browse across the whole site so that you can get a good gauge of the kind of person that they are and the services that they offer.
All doulas should have undertaken some kind of training to ensure that they best know how to help the families that they work with.

Have a Chat

 Please make sure that you talk to your potential doula face to face before signing anything! Compatibility is one of the biggest things to consider when deciding to let someone in to share one of the most personal things in your life. Meet, have a chat and a cuppa and make sure that you get on.
The person you choose needs to feel right.. How will you know?? You just will – trust your instincts!

You don’t even need to chat about birth related matters, talk about anything, get comfortable 🙂
If you do want to ask specific questions, your doula shouldn’t mind at all – enquire about the doula’s experience in supporting births similar to yours, including any specialised training or expertise they may have.


 You will of course need to ask about availability around your estimated due date and their policy on attending births. Most doula’s can attend births however some people choose to birth alone and have a doula for pre and postnatal support.

Ask about their backup plan in case they are unable to attend your birth due to unforeseen circumstances. Life is life and sometimes things come up so make sure that there is something in place so that you are not left without support.
Ensure you have a clear understanding of how they will support you if they are unavailable.

Services Provided

Discuss the scope of services the doula offers, including prenatal visits, continuous labour support, postpartum care, and feeding assistance.
Ask about their approach to pain management techniques, comfort measures, and advocacy during labour.
It is also worth considering any additional services or resources they provide, such as childbirth education classes or access to a network of other information.

Financial Considerations

Always make sure that you understand the fees and what services are included in any packages you may be considering.
Ensure that there are no hidden costs as you want to ensure that you know exactly what you are getting and for what amount.

Remember, choosing the right doula is a personal decision that depends on your individual needs and preferences. Take your time to research, interview, and connect with potential doulas to find the perfect fit for your birth journey. With the right doula by your side, you can feel supported, empowered, and confident as you welcome your new baby into the world.